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Has your smile been damaged? Trauma, infection, decay, wear, and more can take a toll on your smile, causing more than just cosmetic damage. When this happens, restorative dentistry can bring back your beautiful, healthy smile. Restorative dentistry lets us address most smile problems that arise. You might think your smile is beyond repair, but it’s probably not.

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Life-Changing Dentistry

If you’ve been living with damaged or unhealthy teeth for a long time, you know how much it impacts you on a daily basis. It’s not just the appearance of your teeth, though that is important. You’re also affected by the poor function of your teeth. You might have difficulty eating all the foods you want. Your teeth might hurt regularly. Your gums might be tender and bleeding. And your overall health might suffer, too.

But you don’t have to live with these dental problems. Your oral health can be restored. With modern dentistry, you can have fully functional, highly attractive, and pain-free teeth. New, advanced treatment options let us help more people than ever.

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Eliminating Gum Infection

Are your gums red, bleeding, and uncomfortable? Are your teeth sensitive? Do your teeth seem to be growing because your gums are receding? If you find that regular cleanings aren’t enough to restore the health of your gums, laser dentistry gives us a more comfortable advanced approach to treating gum disease.

Filling Cavities without Metal

If your teeth are decayed, you need fillings. But those fillings don’t have to be metal. We use tooth-colored fillings to repair your teeth so they look healthy again. Plus, nonmetal fillings can reduce sensitivity related to heat and cold, and protect your teeth from the thermal expansion of metal amalgam.

We also offer filling upgrades for people who already have metal fillings. We can remove old fillings and replace them with advanced composite or ceramic fillings.

Dental Crowns: Like an Entirely New Tooth

Do you have a badly damaged tooth that you think can’t be saved? Don’t give up hope–dental crowns are a powerful treatment for repairing and supporting badly damaged teeth. A dental crown fits over your tooth, covering the entire visible surface. This protects and supports the damaged tooth. Even an infected tooth can usually be saved.

Plus modern ceramics are even stronger than tooth enamel. You can get attractive tooth crowns at any place in your mouth–even on your molars.

Replace a Lost Tooth without an Implant

Dental implants are the best tooth-replacement option, but sometimes a dental bridge is a close second. Dental bridges let you bite and chew normally. They look attractive, and they’re bonded to your teeth–they won’t just slip or fall out.

They require healthy teeth to support them, but they don’t depend on the bone where the tooth was lost. In the right situation, dental bridges are a great way to replace a lost tooth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If your teeth have been badly damaged by accidents, chronic health conditions, poor diet, limited access to dental care, a bad bite, or other causes, don’t give up on your smile. With full mouth reconstruction, we can rebuild some or all of your teeth at the same time. This procedure can achieve dramatic effects–even if you’re starting with very poor oral health.

Restore Your Smile in Kanata

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