Non surgical facelift in kanataIf you are unhappy with the signs of facial aging, you might be considering getting a facelift. But a facelift, even though it’s surgery, actually only addresses the superficial causes of facial aging. It doesn’t help with structural changes that can make your face look older. However, a nonsurgical facelift accomplished with rejuvenation dentistry can help you look younger while avoiding problems with facelift surgery, like discomfort, bleeding, swelling, surgical complications, and facial distortion. 

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Causes of Facial Aging

There are three main causes of facial aging:

  • Loss of skin and other tissue elasticity
  • Gravity pulling down on tissues
  • Loss of volume in fat, teeth, and bones

These three factors have a complex interaction. Due to changes related to age and environmental damage, the skin and other tissues lose elasticity, which can cause them to preserve folds and wrinkles. But it also makes them unable to hold themselves against the force of gravity. As a result, the pull of gravity causes skin and other tissues to fold and sag downward.

But at the same time, wear on your teeth as well as loss of bone support in the jaw also causes your jaw to move upward. This makes it appear as though your skin is sagging much more than it actually is. This is called the “concertina effect,” and it’s the reason why many babies (who have no teeth) look like old men. 

Combined with the loss of youthful fat deposits, tooth wear and loss can make it seem as though you have an excess of skin that folds and sags. 

How a Nonsurgical Facelift Works

A nonsurgical facelift attempts to restore the youthful proportions of your face by restoring your teeth to their original size and shape using restorations like dental crowns or veneers. If you have lost teeth, dental implants can be used, and if you’ve lost all your teeth, the Denture Fountain of Youth® is a great solution to achieve this effect.

Since your skin and teeth develope together, this creates a more harmonious and youthful balance between the two. In particular, it can help correct signs of facial aging such as:

  • Nasolabial folds (parentheses lines around the mouth)
  • Thin lips
  • “Lipstick lines”–wrinkles that radiate from the mouth
  • Receding chin
  • Jowls
  • Turkey neck
  • Double chin
  • Folds between the lips and chin

These signs of facial aging are all linked to the way your face contracts when your teeth are worn, broken, or lost. Restoring your youthful proportions can restore many aspects of your youthful facial appearance. 

Benefits of a Non-Surgical Facelift

Woman smiling - non surgical face-lift Ottawa

Why choose a nonsurgical facelift over a plastic surgery one? There are many good reasons, including:

  • Beautify your smile at the same time
  • Avoid scars
  • Avoid facial distortion
  • Skip the long, painful recovery
  • No risk of surgical complications

With a non-surgical facelift, you are also getting a smile makeover. This can beautify your smile, which already goes a long way toward rejuvenating your appearance.