Controlled arch braces from Ottawa cosmetic dentist

Our teeth don’t develop on their own. They develop along with our chin, jaw, skull, cheeks, and more. This combined development means that people who have crooked or crowded teeth often find they are also unhappy with the appearance of other facial features. With Controlled Arch Orthodontics, we can utilize the shared development pathways to straighten your teeth and influence the size, shape, and configuration of some facial features at the same time. Controlled Arch Orthodontics can also achieve some important functional changes, too which can improve symptoms of TMJ and sleep apnea. Since Controlled Arch braces are based on the most recent science available, they can achieve results 30% faster than traditional dentures.

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Benefits of Controlled Arch Braces

Controlled Arch braces were developed in an attempt to overcome what is seen as the shortcomings of traditional orthodontic approaches. This approach:

  • Can be used for teens and adults
  • Stimulates natural development of the jaw
  • Improves the appearance of the face, especially the profile
  • Can improve TMJ symptoms
  • Can reduce sleep apnea
  • Works 30% faster than traditional braces

Controlled Arch braces work well for teens, but it’s also suitable for adults who didn’t get orthodontics as teens, are unhappy with their orthodontic results, or saw their results lapse.

Genetics allow almost everyone to develop straight teeth, but environmental effects mean that doesn’t always happen. Controlled Arch Orthodontics is designed to stimulate the natural developmental pathways to not only straighten teeth but improve the appearance of your face as well.

Crooked and crowded teeth aren’t just a cosmetic problem. They relate to the function of your mouth and jaw. That’s why crooked teeth are often linked to temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). Your jaw also controls the size and shape of your airway. By expanding the jaw, we can reshape the airway, making it easier to breathe at night and thus reduce the severity of sleep apnea.

How Controlled Arch Orthodontics Work

Controlled Arch braces look a lot like traditional braces, but they function much differently. They use the same brackets and wires to apply force to your teeth, but the pattern of forces is different.

Controlled Arch Orthodontics is based on the understanding that it’s partly the action of muscles in the mouth that stimulate the growth and movement of the teeth and jaws. We know that crowded teeth are related at least in part to our softer diet, which means we don’t chew as much as our ancestors did (early humans spent about half their waking hours chewing). Therefore, Controlled Arch Orthodontics is designed to emulate the natural forces of the tongue, cheek, and jaw muscles. This creates a more efficient movement path and one that is designed not just to move the teeth, but to stimulate the development of other tissues around the teeth.

The result is not just straight teeth, but changes to the appearance and function of related structures.

Can Controlled Arch Orthodontics Help You?

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