How to Maintain Excellent Oral Health During Your Pregnancy

How to Maintain Excellent Oral Health During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Can Be a Rewarding, yet Overwhelming Time.

Your body and lifestyle are undergoing huge changes. Many of the things you used to do and enjoy are placed on the back burner. But does that mean everything, including your dentist appointments, should go on hiatus?

Modern research says no, and that going for appointments is healthier than not going. Here’s why.

Visiting the Dentist While You’re Pregnant Can Help Prevent and Manage Infections

As you likely know, your hormones change a lot during pregnancy. This change can affect your oral health, potentially increase your risk of gum disease, and infect the bones holding your teeth in place (also known as periodontitis).

According to the Government of Canada, periodontitis has been linked to preterm deliveries or babies with a low birth weight. Researchers are working to determine how these things are linked.

You may experience “pregnancy gingivitis” anywhere between your third and ninth month of pregnancy. Estrogen and progesterone hormones have increased, causing your gums to be more sensitive. Because of this, you may notice your gums become swollen, red, or irritated from bacteria. The best way to manage this is to maintain excellent oral hygiene like brushing and flossing regularly and gently cleaning your teeth at the gum line.

Visiting your dentist during this time adds an extra layer of protection because they can identify gingivitis before it turns into periodontitis.

It may come as a relief to know that most pregnancy-related gum problems will go away once you’ve